Missing Gmail™ & Google™ Black Bar
Adds a black shortcut bar like the one removed by Google™ to the top of many Google™ pages.
Salesforce Hover
Adds an orange hover effect to report rows in SalesForce and blue to the Chatter screen
Mutant Genetic Gladiators Tool
Hides Facebook ads on game screen, Adds drop down strength/weakness chart, links to Wiki, Forum, Game and Facebook page,
countdown timer for the special events ,Correct Parents list, pie chart for determining strength against enemies
Hero Zero Sidekick
Hides the ad column on the right side of Facebook. Allows you to customize the background of the Hero Zero page.
Adds a toolbar with links to UNOFFICIAL Forum, Support, FAQ, REAL Forum, Levels Titles & XP table page, Notes & Unofficial Forum Feed
Mecha Galaxy Snack Bar
Adds a row of buttons for the consumable items in Mecha Galaxy plus a Receive All Gifts button on the Gifts page.
Adds filtering to the Buy page. Adds a level chooser to the Choose Your Battle screen.
WGT™ Simple Putting Aid
Adds a measuring bar and calculator to the WGT screen to help with putting